Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The pattern I'm using for my sweater is a pattern made for a completely different size and texture of yarn and, of course, completely different size needles. Oh and it instructs to knit a front and then a back and I knitted the front and back in the round all in one piece.

So... there was a lot of math. I am quite rusty at same. So it's intended to be a big, loosely fit sweater but it does need to not look like a pup tent. I've been a bit anxious about whether all this time and all this money will turn out to resemble what my brain thinks it will be.

Today I got to a point where it was practical and mustered up the courage to try it on. And... WHEW. It's PERFECT. I do think another couple of inches will make the neck better and if they don't I can rip them out later more easily than I can knit more later. So I'm soldiering on. But, the armholes hit in just the right place and are just the right size and the bottom hugs my ass just right. I'm delighted. Two more inches and I'll be done. Should take me about another 2 hours.

In the glow of victory, I decided to go stretch my legs in a building walk. It turned out to not be a long one as it is hot as heck down in that garage and in the hallways. It might not be that hot outside but I'm not going to go find out. I'm holding out until tomorrow.
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