Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Thankgod it was only your butt

My phone rang last night about 9 pm. It was my brother. I answered it and nothing... I called back and got voice mail. At that time of night (midnight his time and he's always dead asleep by 10), the only reason for calling would not be good. Or it's a butt dial.

When I didn't hear anything before I went to sleep, I decided it was butt and, this morning, I learned I was correct. Whew. What I really don't want is to get that kind of call from his wife.

According to apps and TV and the internets, today is our last day of summer. The change will be so dramatic, it's showing up as weather alerts. I'm so ready. Where I grew up (piedmont area of North Carolina), summer weather finally bit the dust usually sometime in October. I lived in Charlotte, NC the year we got married. In a house with a swimming pool. On the day we got married, November 4, my husband's kids spent the afternoon and the evening cooling off in the pool.

At the end of the first summer I spent in Seattle, I went to the San Juan Islands (about 2 hours north of Seattle) for Labor Day. It was hot. Coming home on the ferry on Monday, I needed a sweater.  And most every year, it's like someone flips a switch. One day it's summer and one day it's not. And that flipping nearly always happens around Labor Day. It's early this year and Yeah!

We will likely have more warm weather but it won't be nearly as warm and won't last all day. We are headed into months and months (godwilling) of susandennis weather.

Not a lot on the agenda today. I do need to stop at the library. I am going to halt on all sewing until I finish the neck of this sweater. I think I will have enough bears this month that I can just work on the sweater until the neck is done. Normally, my non-bear knitting is mostly for the joy of the process and a sweater like this could linger for years. But I want to wear this thing and I have other non-bear knitting/crocheting that needs to get done. Plus sewing. So... today is sweater neck day.

But, first, a swim.
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