Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Between my car and the entrance to the gym, I spied the pool fix it guy...uh oh. Turns out he was fixing the spa... again... pool was fine. Really fine.

I came straight home to avoid pre-baseball-game traffic and managed it. The Park Here!! flaggers were out early but, happily, not the parkers.

I noticed something really weird with my fingernails this week that I can't stop obsessing over. One time in the early 90's I got a manicure at a place I'd never been to. It was a salon in a major hotel. The woman buffed my nails way to hard. Shortly after that, I noticed both thumbnails had very flat spots on them. I'm not sure the manicurist did it - that part could be a coincidence. But, for the next 25 years, my thumbnails had this very very flat - like balance your coffee cup flat - part that covered 80% of the nail from cuticle to tip. It always drove me nuts. But, this week I noticed after 3+months of going to my current manicurist (and having my nails covered in gel polish 24/7) my thumbnails are no longer flat! They are perfectly rounded like normal, nice nails. Weird.

I think the flat should have more to do with nutrition or lack of something there but my diet hasn't really changed. Only my nail care. Wild.

Last night on the TV news, they showed a 10 day forecast that has daytime highs in the 60's. My kind of days. Also starting Friday, rain is predicted every single day. Probably this means 15 mins of mist one time during the day, but heck, I'll take it. Air quality is still good and my voice is coming back.

As soon as I hit send, I'm heading back to the sewing area to work on my new bag. It would be easier if I had a pattern and instructions but, I think my imagination can make it work. It's a simple design.
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