Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I took my sewing haul back to the fish room to put it all away and then rearranged the sewing stuff and then selected cut out the fabric for a purse, pulled out the appropriate zippers and cut out the vinyl. I'm going to vinyl-ize the wrong side of the fabric to avoid the bulk of a lining, I think.

I quit because it got hot back there and I need to work on my sweater and go get the mail. There is not enough time even when you are retired??!!

Two things I saw today that needed a picture but I didn't get one.

There was a cop - fully uniformed - standing in the middle of a major highway where it divides to go off to a city street and off to the interstate. He was holding a cardboard sign. I couldn't see what the sign said. Once I passed him, I saw his patrol car about 500 yards up the road. Very strange. Very.

Then, at the library, there was a whiteboard sign announcing "Speed Dating Event. Chinese Millennials. Saturday at 7 pm in the Community Room." This just cracked me up and still does the more I think about it. Can't wait for "Speed Dating Event. Old White People. Sunday 2 pm in the Community Room". Actually, I can wait. As long as it takes.
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