Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Oh the choices

"Oh Menis... " As I was leaving the locker room this is what I heard behind me. And there was my buddy. The only guy who works there to whom I am not invisible. He checked me in one day and saw my name and said 'oh, dear.. I already have a Susie Q... you can be Dennis the Menis!' If I am in his sight, he is saying hi and today he even gave me a hug. The only other person who regularly greets me is the locker room cleaner who is nice but always chews my ear off about the weekend locker room cleaner who is not at all up to her standards.

But, regardless, it's still nice to have gym friends.

My new iPod died this morning mid swim! It's so new that it's still in the Amazon free send it back window. Which I did. And opted for a replacement which will be here Thursday. So I had to fight the backup. The backup is a warranty replacement from another company that has never worked right. The buttons are way too stiff and it keeps locking itself. But, I managed to get it working enough for my swim tomorrow and Thursday and thankgod for a back up even a difficult one. Swimming for an hour with just my naked brain? Not doable.

I did not forget the library. Yeah me. And then the fabric store. Where I learned they now make chalkboard fabric!!! It's really stiff but it's sewable. Wild. I did not buy any but that's about all I did not buy.

I had a ball. I know there are a couple of bags there and maybe a wallet and lordknows what else. But, it was senior discount day so I saved a bundle. Hehehe.

But, before I touch any of it. I have to get the neck of my sweater finished. I am knitting now.
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