Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning the air quality is back up to okdokey! I got this cool little phone app with an elephant and info. His trunk was way down in the orange this weekend. Yesterday evening my phone beeped and it was the Elephant telling me he'd upgraded my air.  Green is way better.


Life with phone apps is so nice. Today via an app, I can now order from Amazon and have it delivered in an hour. So cool.

Today, after my swim, I need to whip by the library and then the fabric shop. I discovered yesterday that I can turn any fabric into a kind of oil cloth but a more malleable kind of oil cloth. It's an iron on vinyl that is easy to sew on. I love quilting prints but I'm not wild about quilting. But using those fabrics for bags and other stuff could be great fun.

There are a couple of other stops on my list. Tomorrow is an afternoon Mariner game so I need to do today whatever I would do tomorrow when traffic will make trying to do stuff on the way home from the pool would not be fun.

Hopefully it will stay cool today at least until I get my errands done. It seems like the summer tide has turned. When the temperature rises, it's later the in the day and does not last as long or get as hot and the days are getting obviously shorter. I am almost to the 'Whew, survived another summer' sigh of relief. Nice!
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