Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What's that you say?

So... either the air quality OR my imagination is showing up in my lungs a little but my voice a lot. When my financial adviser (sit tight, don't worry, it will correct itself probably the the end of the year) was here, I had a lot of trouble talking. I kept having to clear my throat to get any sound out.

Then I didn't talk to anybody else all day but just now had to place a phone call which was a bit of an issue. But I managed to get it done. And now I don't have to talk to anyone else unless Zoey needs some oral counseling. I'm coughing a little but staying ahead of it with my inhaler.

And, honestly, I wonder if it's more my brain saying 'air's bad, you will suffer' or if it's really the air. Either way, it's not horrible.

My rolling stool arrived and it's perfect. The height adjustment is easy and smooth and it's just what I was looking for. BUT... a part arrived broken. The part isn't critical but might be over the long haul. I don't want to send it back. Finally I just decided to keep it and not worry about it. BUT, as I was breaking down the box for the dumpster, I saw a big, yellow sticker:

"If during the assembly process you discover a missing or damaged part, please call our toll-free number."

So I did. New part coming for free next week! Nice!!!

I'm trying Trader Joe's fried mushrooms tonight with dinner. I've always loved Trader Joe's but now, since it's just across the street from the pool, I'm growing quite intimate with them - trying all of their stuff at least once - except the stuff with coconut in it.
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