Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


According to my air quality app, the air around here is still not great but it's 57 degrees out. I cannot bring myself to keep the air conditioner on.  So I turned it off and opened the door.  I'm still breathing with regularity.  So there's that.

My financial adviser and I set up today's visit weeks ago. He's probably just as happy not to be in the office today anyway. The stock market crash of Friday seems to have been not a whim. I'm looking forward to his telling me not to worry. I'm really not anyway. It will all work out, or it won't.

My back stretching continues to work. Amazing. I started out with four different ones but forgot one of yesterday with no down side.  So now I'm just going to test the remaining 3.  Holding a stretch for 3 minutes really feels like 30. I finally set the timer on my phone (rather than have the Echo time me) so I could check the count down.  I looked when I felt like it had been 2+ minutes and, sure enough, it had just been 1. It's like a really malfunctioning time machine.

Off now to the pool and then a quick stop at Trader Joe's and then home again.
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