Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Go to where???

So, I'm sitting here looking outside and seeing not smoke but more smog. But online I'm seeing pictures of just dense or yellow sky or worse. So if it got worse, I would seriously consider taking my lungs and get the fuck out of dodge. But, to where? Not Portland or south. Not east certainly. Vancouver? Or a plane to somewhere?

As I was typing that sentence, Twitter flashed a map of Air Quality for Western Washington right now.  That Green dot in the Seattle cluster is right over my house. THANK YOU!!

But, clearly, should that change for the bad in a hurry, my best option is a trip to the beach... Or at least Port Angeles. Forks.


I can do that. The most complicated part of the trip would be getting from here to to the ferry - 2 blocks away.  There is so much construction, I'm no longer even sure how to get there by car.  But, I could do it.  And take Zoey.  Good.  A plan.

I'm not going anywhere but I'm glad to know where I would go if I needed to.
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