Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Smokey smokey

I am many miles and even a mountain range away from the fires in Washington state but we're getting smokey skies even over here. I cannot imagine what it must be like over there. I am more than a little concerned about air quality. More from hypochondria than fear from my own COPD. But, regardless, I'm not going anywhere near outside today.

I went from my basement garage in my air conditioned car to the basement garage of the gym and back home the same way. I'm indoors all the way today. They are saying it should be better tomorrow.

My swim was excellent. It's fun swimming with Tim Gunn. His book is only about 5 swims long so I'm stretching it by only listening to it for half my swim and music for the rest. It's good.

Last night my back was killing me. The sewing started it but it just got worse so I Googled. And found 3 stretching exercises - 3 minute stretches - and tried them out. They hurt. But... then... when I was done and sat back in my chair, my back felt oooodles better! Hmmmm I would be far more incented to do exercising/stretching that had instant results. Interesting...

There will be ample opportunity to try them again today. I'm planning on my sewing and more sitting.

Also my finance guy is coming here tomorrow. Usually I go there (my choice) (a suburb/small town about 45 minutes north of here) but he was going to be in town so he's coming here. I need to make sure it's company ready tonight before I go to bed so I don't have to rush around before or after my swim in the morning.

But, that's it, that's the agenda for the day. Oh and stay cool. So far so good.
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