Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I am a sucker for melon balls...

I love melons of all kids and melon balls are so pleasingly cylindrical. They just delight me. Lots of groceries around sell melon 'done'. Rind off, melon in nice pieces. And I love that someone does that for me. But, when that someone makes them into actual balls, I'm the happiest. My market with the great little potatoes and the wonderful pickles, does melon balls and I'm enjoying them as I type this entry.

Little things. I love the little things.

My swim this morning was good. My pool has these dumbells. It's the only swim 'tool' they provide. I got from the beginning they were for aqua exercise (and probably future classes) but I tried them once and ?????. I watched a really pregnant woman use them once and stopped to ask her about them. She said she was clueless as she'd never tried them before but seem to be getting a little traction under the water.


A couple of the other regular swimmers and I had collectively scratched our heads over how one could really use them. And... then...

This morning a girl spent a really long time - like 45 minutes slowly and deliberately walking up and down the pool and carrying and lifting these dumbells. When she finally did stop, I happened to be at that end and watched her screw off an end cap and dump water out. DOH!!!!

I feel like a major mystery has been solved.

On to the grocery store with my Bag O Bucks. I wish I had weighed it before I left home but I forgot. I poured it all into the machine and the machine told me it was $71.33. Since I didn't count, either, I'm going to take the machine's word for it especially since once you pour in, there ain't no gettin' it back. Then I got the spinning circle of doom... Just like a computer... whirling whirling whirling... I was really frustrated, too, because I'd left my phone in the car and I couldn't take a picture of it. Finally after about 5 minutes a guy with a jar full of coins appeared behind me. He was, apparently, a regular. He said that this happens a lot. Finally it flashed on the screen that there was a problem and it spit me out a piece of paper. Forget the Amazon card, now my only option was to take it to the store cashier w/in 24 hours and get cold, hard, cash with no surcharge for counting... So I did. (The veteran guy allowed as how this was a bonus to get a busted machine - fee free cash, I guess.)

Then on to a restaurant for breakfast. I debated about whether to go on home and fix my own and decided if I could find a parking spot I'd stop. I did. Then I had to wait for a table. I decided I'd wait 5 minutes. I got a table in 3 in the section of my favorite waitress. It was delicious and nice.

Then home. I worked on my wallet until it got hot back there and my back gave out and I fucked up a piece (which will be easy to do again) so I put everything away and closed up the sewing shop for the day.

In front of the air conditioner, I ordered a doctor's stool from Amazon. I'm going to try it out and see if it helps the back situation. If not I'll send it back. Hahah send the back stool back.


Next up was 'wiring' my dining room table. I like to keep a tablet there for reading while I eat. But the tablet runs out of juice and there's no place to plug it in. So I got a long USB cable and snaked it along the desk leg down to the floor and across the carpet (with a little carpet matching tape) and up the table leg with a Command hook and BAM! No more dead batter, little tablet, I got your back.

Now I am chillin'. Literally. The sun is still a little obscured and the thermometer says is only 74 degrees out but it feels hotter than that to me. So I think I'll sit here a bit and down some ice water and watch a little TV and knit a little bear.
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