Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Plans for a Saturday

As usual, there aren't too many plans for today which is fine as it is supposed to warm up again. I'm hoping the clouds will hold the sun off until this afternoon.

First up, of course, my swim. The pool has, for many weeks now, been totally empty on Fridays. I've been the only swimmer for the hour+ of my swim. Yesterday, when I got there, there were 4 swimmers in the pool! One of the single lane swimmers invited me to join her lane so there was no waiting but it was sure different. No telling what's going to happen today so my plan is to be there when they open at 8.

Then, I'm hoping to drive up the hill to QFC and park and then go find breakfast. My QFC goal is the coin machine. ljtourist gave me the idea of saving my change in silos - four matching containers by the front door. I've been doing that now for about a year. Today I'm going to exchange the coins for an Amazon credit (I could get cash but it would cost upwards of 10% and I got no problem spending on Amazon.)

I'm not sure why I silo-ed them since all the coins go into the same bin together. I have zero interest in rolling them myself or even getting one of those machines to do it. I don't really think I'm going to collect them any more. We don't have coin loving parking meters any more - I use my phone to park and pay. I don't need coins for laundry. The wallet I'm making will have a coin purse. I think I'm just going spend them as I go.

I have no other outsidethehouse plans for today so it will be home to my air conditioner after I get the coin work done. I have plenty here to keep me occupied and cool.
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