Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I have a tablet problem. I love them. I love small ones, big ones. I love playing games on them, reading books on them, doodling on them.

I've wanted a Nexus 9 since they came out but I just could not figure out a way to justify paying that much for yet another tablet. Until I found a nice, used one from a reputable vendor on Amazon at a perfectly acceptable price. And it will be here on Wednesday. I should sell one of my others but I use them all for various and different things so which one? None. But, I honestly do think I've reached my limit. No more without parting with one first.

Then yesterday, I discovered that my library has a deal where I can download and read magazines on them for free. It's like the universe is saying 'your tablet habit is ok'. Or it could just be my extreme skill at justifying shit.

Today's big adventure will be the Beacon Hill library and, maybe if the sun is not out, I'll do some walking around up there. There's a new bakery near the light rail station and then there are the topiaries to see. For some reason this adorable neighborhood is rife with some really interesting yard work. There was even a blog about it that is still available for viewing. It all makes for good walking and gawking.

But first, of course, there will be a swim.

Most every morning when I am in the locker room, the woman who cleans the locker room is in there, too, working. She does really good work and is pleasant to be around. Yesterday she asked me 'Do you swim every single day? Do you ever do any of the machines out there at all?' Yep and Nope. It's not like I can brag that I never go near the treadmills... I walk by them every day to get to the pool. And, if I were smart, especially since I'm already there, I should take their Zumba class or their yoga class - they are both right when I am there anyway. Or get on the weight machines or treadmill or something. But, I don't. I just walk on by. Maybe one day...

I do love that pool, though. And the very clean locker room and the very clean showers with soap and shampoo and conditioner all there waiting for me. It's really a nice place. Especially considering that I am paying $0. God, I love being old. (My Medicare advantage insurance comes with a thing called Silver Sneakers which gets me into lots of athletic places for free, including all the LA Fitness gyms. It's one heck of a cool deal, especially since my Medicare advantage insurance costs me $0.)

Now it's time to walk past the elliptical machines and the bosus and the spin classroom to get to that wonderful pool.
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