Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today is new nails day... They are too long again and I'm tired of this color so cool. Doing this every 3 weeks is working out well, time-wise and money-wise and patiencewiththeprocess-wise. And I so love having nails that look nice ALWAYS.

This morning I followed a link from Reddit to a conversation that included a link to a fabric site and a particular fabric. I looked at the designer's name and it was spacefem! Small world.

I spent some time yesterday back in the sewing area planning the wallet I want to make. It's using techniques that I've never tried so I'm going slowly and using waste fabric. If it works, I'll do it with nice fabric. It amuses me that I can go back to the room with the sewing machine (which is really just a side off the hallway by the front door) and just lose time. I'd probably lose more if I remembered good posture so I don't kill my back and it was cooler.

It is supposed to be cooler today. Oh I hope.

Yesterday I did my walk inside. I like a lot about it. No wind, no sun glare, even walking surface, cooler. But it really does always feel like stalking which cracks me up.

Time now to suit up and head to the pool, then UPS to drop off, then nails, then home or wherever. Loosey goosey. That's me.
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