Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Merry Christmas to me!

For several Januarys my brother and I met at CES in Las Vegas the week after New Year's. It was just the two of us and we had a ball. But CES's funness does kind of wear off and I decided not to go last year. But, we did miss our visit so he came here for a week in February and he decided then that it would be great fun to have our own, remote CES. We can watch the coverage of the convention with all the podcasts and announcements and demos on our own time together... here. I thought it was a kind of a weird idea but why the heck not?! We said yeah! And really didn't discuss it again.

Today, I'm sitting in traffic. There are 4 major roads I can use to get from the gym to my house - the bridge, 1st Ave, 3rd Ave and 4th Ave. There were traffic stopping accidents on 3rd and 1st. So the bridge and 4th were backed up severely. There I was, hungry, sitting in my little car, sandwiched in between big trucks and SUV's in the sun and not that happy about it when I get a ping from my brother.

It's a proposed flight schedule for his visit in January!!!! I honestly thought maybe his new business would keep him home this year after all. So I was delighted to know I was wrong. Plus he found really good non stop flights at a really good price.

That sure took the sting out of traffic! He's booking his tickets now and I'm so delighted. He's here the week after New Year's so it sounds like we are for sure doing our own private CES. Wohoo!

Time to start making a list of restaurants I want to make sure we tap. There are always so many I want to try and never get around to. This is the perfect excuse. And he's game.

I'm really looking forward to this.
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