Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

One more... the last?

Today could possibly - maybe? - hopefully, be our last hot day. At least for this year. I did go out yesterday. I walked a short block to the ATM and back. I tried to stay in the shade. It wasn't the worst but it didn't encourage me to be out more. And inside wasn't a whole lot better. I got the electric bill for my last month of air conditioning. While it wasn't unexpected it was still more than twice my January bill.

I'm ready for Fall.

Today's baseball starts at 11.

My sweater is becoming an issue again. I grossly underestimated how long that damn collar - really cowl neck - will take. I'm only half way done after working on it for two days. I'm taking a bear break.

I listened to a podcast yesterday - two tech guy nerds who happen to be Project Runway fanboys. It was pretty funny but they convinced me to read Tim Gunn's book so I bought the audible version and put it on my Shuffle for swim listening.

So, today, I'll be swimming with Tim. I heard him interviewed once where he said his sport in college was swimming because you didn't have to talk to anyone and you didn't get dirty or sweaty. Add no mirrors and you've got my love of it nailed.

I learned yesterday that there was casting for an American version of the Great British Sewing Bee. And, then, sadly, I learned that is was in 2014 and after a couple of references in a couple of blogs... not a peep more. Sigh. I've seen a handful of the British episodes. I'd love to see all but alas, they aren't available.

I keep thinking that I want to pop into Target for this, or Walgreens for that or even Staples or Office Depot but I've vowed to keep away from all of those places as much as I possibly can until their Back to School shelves are decimated. Too much temptation. It was the only part of school that I enjoyed - back to school shopping - and I still do today.

But, today, I need none of it and don't really even have a place to put it. So... no. Stay away.

I woke up too early today so even though I've piddled around for a long while this morning, it's still too early to go tot he pool. Maybe I'll just go ahead anyway and take my chances with traffic coming home.
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