Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I need to work on my posture. Something in the way I sit or walk or am is making my back really uncomfortable. Every night when I lie back to go to sleep, I can hear my spine give this huge healing sigh and the next morning, it's fine. I need to figure out how to keep it fine.

That may well be the only outside-the-pool exercise I get today. It is already uncomfortably hot in here (the bedroom).

Yesterday I made a new bag to carry my swim stuff (and keep it from mildew).  I used 2 regular and 1 mesh bag that I got from the dollar store. It's not perfect but I think it's going to do ok.  Other bags are all too big and/or don't have air flow. I may well make another like this one but better after I carry it a few days to test functionality.

I think it's going to be too hot for much sewing today.  I do want to finish the neck on my sweater. I think today I'll be working to get to the end. The bears will need to wait. The sleeves are only from the elbow to wrist so not as big as most and shouldn't take more than a month to work in among bears.  Bottom line, my sweater will be ready for sweater weather. Yeah!

I love my Misfit Shine fitness band. It's pretty and most of the time I can't even feel it. I selected it out of the millions of fitness bands because it is not only is waterproof but it acknowledges that swimming is more exercise than walking slowly, for instance. Today, Misfit announced a new Shine that will track my laps and strokes. Looks like I'm buying a new Shine on September 1.

This morning I am that dog on what was that movie... Squirrel!  I always keep a Twitter scroll on the left side of my computer screen.  Usually I just glance over once in a while to ensure I haven't missed some big news item. Most of it is just ignorable except for today. I keep seeing stuff that needs further investigation. SQUIRREL!!

This one doesn't need investigation but it is amazing to consider. Remember the dot com boom of 1999/2000 when the party got totally shut down, the sock puppet died and everyone got laid off? This neighborhood housed skillions of dot coms and every morning during those months, another one closed their doors and laid off everyone. It was a great lesson in don't count your chickens...

But, people entering the workforce now... are too young to remember. Wow. It was only like yesterday.

It think I'm going to chew on that while I swim.

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