Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Monday Monday

I had set today aside for sofa shopping but I'm happy with my decision to just not. If I fall over the perfect one, cool. If not, I'll do with what I've got.

That leaves me with today. It is likely going to cool enough to spend time in the back room sewing area. I have an idea for a wallet I think I might want to make. And/or a couple of other little projects. But, as I type this, it's getting warm here in the bedroom and the sewing room will be warmer so maybe the sewing will wait until another day.

I do need to organize both the fridge and the freezer so I can find stuff. Keeping the doors open to get the job done is not energy efficient but it sure might feel nice and it needs to get done.

There is also a cabinet in the living room which is totally out of control. I need to take everything out of it and either sort it or give it away. It's a big job which is easy to put off.

Plus I have my knitting - sweater and bears - and several good books going or lined up ready. And... my beloved air conditioner.
September will be here soon. Yeah!!!

But now, I'm off to swim.
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