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Thursday, the Mariners had a spectacular game with their cute #2 pitcher pitching a no hitter. Friday, they lost to Boston 15-1. (And Boston really sucks, by the way - worse than us.) And today... here we are in the 8th and it is not only 19-2, the Mariners have run out of pitchers. The catcher is now in the bullpen warming up.

Oh Mariners... WTF???????

At least I didn't have to sit here and watch the whole thing.

First I went swimming. Lately, rather than watch the clock or track my laps, I swim til my fitness band hits 3 dots. This is usually at the 60-65 minute mark. Today I got there and was in the pool by 8:05. At 9:10 it was still at 2 dots. Again, WTF? Finally I got out and when I did the phone sync, I saw where the band thought I had finished swimming after 45 minutes when I really just did 100 yards with the kickboard. Ok. Lesson learned.

After my swim, I headed south to a big shopping (chain, not local) district. The furniture shop where I bought my favorite chair and ottoman closed out in Ballard and moved all their stuff to SouthCenter. Except, when I got there today, I discovered they were no longer there either. There are a bunch of other furniture stores near there and I went in and out of several.

I want to new loveseat or double chair. I cannot find anything that I would even take for free. Sigh.

I did have a great fun time at the Dollar Tree (it's a huge, nice Dollar Tree Store) and then wandered through a Big Lots. Then on to Michaels. I had lots of stuff on my list but they didn't have their air conditioner on and it was like a fucking sauna in there. So on to JoAnn's. It was packed. The lines to get stuff measured and cut here huge. So I found stuff that didn't need to be measured. And then discovered that the cash register lines were longer. So I took a photo of what I had so I can order it online and I left.

Plus I think that JoAnn's must be closing as all their fixtures were on sale with price tags. Weird.

Holy shit. Here in the 8th, Boston is letting us score some runs! It's now 19-6. That's nice, Boston, thanks.

On the way home I stopped at one more furniture place. Zip. There are two stores in mid town that I'm going to check out - West Elm and Design Within Reach. If no then I'm just going to give up and do LoveSac. I may do that anyway.

Zoey is in the down side of her bipolar cycle. She spends several days in a row, frantic. She wants food every time I get near the kitchen and eats it all. She wakes me up in the middle of the night for food. She is constantly on me, near me, meowing constantly.

Then, for several days, take on the exact opposite personality. She'll eat some. Mostly dry kibble. Leaves me alone. During the day and at night. She'll come out to say high when I come but not with any enthusiasm. Right now she's on the back of the other chair grooming. She's watching TV. Probably bummed about the Mariners.

I've never had a bipolar cat. It's interesting.
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