Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Bad news does a 180

I was so bummed that today would be nice enough to be outside and marred by a neighborhood full of idiotic football people.

So wrong I was!!! The day got colder and the rain started and it rained hard and long. The Seahawkians put their pre-game gathering off all day long! It's now 5:30 and even thought the game is at 7, I can't hear a peep. And the door is open!

Of course they could all be stuck in traffic which, according to Twitter, is redefining suck.

I did manage a nice walk. When I left the house it was nearly chilly. I was kind of sorry I didn't slip on a jacket. But, I just walked faster. Coming back, I got wet. It turned out I was well inside when the bottom fell out but still I got a pretty soggy shirt. It was a nice change.

Also the rain cooled down the sewing area and I got several things finished up and one and other one planned. good good day
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