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I have search notifications set up at Redfin and Zillow so when a property comes for sale or gets sold around here, I get an email. This is because I am nosy. No other reason. This morning, Redfin's email said that my very next door neighbor - the one with whom I share walls - is selling!

This is the guy who lives in Arizona. Nice guy. He rents his condo. His renters were the ones who complained about the noise from my TV (which led to my discovering the joys of listening to the TV via bluetooth headphones). Noel (Arizona guy) bought it in 2003 (the listing says 2004 but county records show) and lived there for about a couple of years but then fell in love and moved to Arizona. He left it untouched - his stuff still in it - for a couple of more years and then finally moved out and rented.

His unit is nearly exactly the same size as mine. The listing photos aren't at all impressive. But, wow... the price sure is - $479,000. He paid $335,000 in 2003. (I bought mine at the beginning of 1992 for $169,000.) I wonder if the renters already moved out... seems like I would have noticed.

I keep shopping lists via Echo just by talking to her... "Alexa, put eggs on the shopping list" or "Alexa, put Costco bacon on the shopping list". 99 percent of the time she gets it completely correct (and then I have a list, with checkboxes, on my phone when I get to the store. When she screws up, it's usually amusing. I need aluminum foil sheets from Dollar Tree. But, this morning I noticed that the list has 'Dollar Tree Oil' on it. hmmmmm

Today is swimming, of course, and then maybe a whip through Trader Joe's. If it's not too hot in the room farthest from the air conditioner/window, I'd love to get some sewing done.

No baseball today - Tuesday, the Mariners won in extra innings with a walkoff (excitement) and then yesterday, they won in a no hitter. That's a whole lotta baseball excitement for a team that basically sucks. We all need a break.

I found a new android phone app for weather that is amazing. So much great information. Every time I click on it, I lose 15 minutes just looking up stuff. Among (many) features is a time machine. I can look up what the weather will be next month. Yeah it's a wild ass guess but when it's hot, I want desperately to know that it won't be forever. So looking at the future - even if it's off - helps.

Denial is a lovely river... sailing along...
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