Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Tricking myself... it works!!

I hate getting my hair cut as I may have mentioned about 5,987 times in this journal alone... But, I may have found the solution. When I got out of the shower at the gym this morning, there was nothing I could do to make it not look like I'd lost the address of the salon. My go to place has a shop just across the street from the gym so I was parked there and out of the car before I could even decide to do it.

The front desk girl took one look and asked 'anything other than a haircut today?' She asked it with a straight face but it did make me giggle. My hair cutter was really nice and on top of the situation instantly plus, instead of asking me a bunch of stupid questions about me and how my day was going, she didn't talk much and when she did, it was to share stuff on her mind and in her life... her Craigslist ad to give away a couch which was drawing whackos from around the county, etc.

When people who don't know me see me, if they see me at all (mostly I'm pretty invisible), they see an old fat white lady. I really really don't want an old fat white lady haircut. But, I also don't harbor any delusions I could pull off a half shaved purple top do either. (There's a woman in her 50's down the hall who has been trying that for a couple of years and it's such a fail.)

Anyway, non chatty cathy rose to the challenge. She finished all her cutting and then ruffled her hand through the top so it spiked up naturally and we were done. And it didn't hurt at all.

Then I went to Costco. I parked at the far end of the lot and it wasn't even too hot to walk across there in the sun. I got bacon, butter, aspirin and a shirt. Not bad. Not perfect. I didn't need the shirt. But, it fit (and Costco clothes never do - they are always too small) and it was soooooooo soft.

Then home. I did all the laundry and folded it and put it away. Pat me on the back. And wrestled the collar of my sweater. I got it started which turned out to be non trivial. I need to undo the row I did but now that it's on the needle that will be easy as will finishing the next 6 inches.

Now it's back to the bears.
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