Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I think I've fixed my aching sewing back. I dragged a folding chair out from under the bed and used this instead of the rolling ottoman. Much better. I can keep the ottoman for short sewing bursts and pull out the chair when I need to. Nice.

I tried some sewing tricks and mastered some others. I've always made buttonholes by hand. Well, I mean on the machine but not using any gizmo just wide and narrow zig zag stitches. So I decided today, to try and master the gizmo way. It wasn't easy. It took me a million tries but I finally got it. Sadly, it does not make button holes big enough for my jacket project so I went back to the old fashioned way.

Finally it got too hot and I got too hungry so I quit for a while and was quite surprised to learn I'd been back there at it for more than 3 hours.

Now I need lunch and then I need to get back to work on my sweater. I'm falling behind. My next milestone is Friday and I'm still a few hours or more away from reaching it.

Soooooo many projects. So little time. Sorry, bears, you are on break today.
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