Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


When I got out of the pool this morning my throat was tight when I swallowed. And it still kind of is now an hour or so later. But, I just realized that I can't be coming down with anything because it's Monday. Plenty of time to take whatever it might be to the doctor during regular weekday hours. Now, if it were Friday morning, I'd be more worried.

Both my regular doctor and my lung doctor have me seriously freaked at the horrible consequences of my catching a cold or the flu that I live in dread fear and over react at the first hint. But, not today. Whew.

I've been swapping emails with my brother all morning. Making changes and lists for his business transition which happens Wednesday.

But, now, I think I'm going to the back of the house and play with my new sewing toy.

My outdoor thermometer says it's 90 degrees out. I think today's walk will be between the living room and sewing room. 
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