Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

sew sew sew

The new machine arrived. And it's fabulous. I've had a fair number of new sewing machines in my lifetime for various reasons and every one came with a lot of frustration. Usually once I got familiar with it, all was fine. But this one had no frustration at all. Everything is very intuitive.

I did some test stuff, trying out various stitches and stuff. But then I just got into it. Two pair of jeans now have back pockets for my cellphone that they did not have before. Nice. So nice. And my first try was through VERY thick layers of denim. My old machine would have never been able to pull that off. By my second pair, I had perfected the design.

What I have no perfected is keeping my back from pain... Something about the way I sit or what I'm sitting on or how I work, kills my back. Sadly, I like the way the setup looks and I don't want to change anything that would alleviate back pain - like a better chair. Maybe I just need to keep a sharp eye on my posture.

Cause I have a lot o' sewing ideas brewing. I need to finish that fleece jacket. And make my new bag. And fix some other close and try out some other sewing thots.

I'm quite excited about the new machine. And I love the color. It's a  gray that works so nicely in my room. It's the little things.
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