Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cooling down again

These days, it's hard to judge whether or not to keep/turn the air conditioner on at night. Last night I decided not to and was wrong. I thought if I left the shades down while I was at the pool, it would be fine. Again. Wrong.

The living room is just now getting comfortable again. Sorry, A/C. I will let you do your work and not try to second guess you again.

My swim this morning was excellent. I designed a new bag and then figured out how to declutter the living room. It's been suffering from increasing 'stuff out on surfaces-itis' lately and besides giving Zoey way more shit to knock off, the shear messy of it is making me a little nuts. But I worked out a nice plan that I will put in place today.

On the way home I stopped at the Goodwill Outlet where you buy stuff by the pound. It was a bit frenetic this morning for reasons I couldn't quite grasp but I did manage to buy a nice bunch of fabrics - shirts and jeans now but that's because I haven't deconstructed them. I separated some pockets yesterday but found much better ones today so I'll be pulling those off this afternoon.

The sewing machine is scheduled to be delivered today but looking at the tracking number tells me there's a better than not chance it will be delivered tomorrow instead. Which is fine. I'll bitch to Amazon and get $1 off or something.

More baseball this afternoon and no other must do's. Stayin' cool...
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