Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

wish it and it will come and then there's bad news

I have a couple of pairs of jeans that I love but they don't have back pockets. I want to give them big back pockets for my gynomous cell phone. We have a great Goodwill warehouse not far from here where you buy stuff by the pound. I figured I'd just pop in there tomorrow and get some jean scraps.

I just went down to take some food scraps to the dumpster and there, on the free shelf, is a perfectly worn pair of Wrangler jeans!!! I'm thinking, I'll just split the back pockets off and give them an inch of denim trim and slap 'em on my own jeans. And then make a bag out of the rest maybe.

And I got my annual good new/bad news notice from the county appraiser. This year both values (land and building) went up. So now my condo that I bought for $165,000 is valued by the county at $425,000. I have no delusions that this is what it would sell for but last year it was valued at $352,100 so it's got to be a little more valuable. On the down side, this means squat to me since I have no intention of ever selling it. (That will be my brother's headache.) And it means my taxes will go way up. UGH. Looking at the nums from previous years, I'm guessing my tax is going to go from $3,500 to at least $4,000. Buggers. By the time my mortgage is paid off, the monthly tax bill will just replace it. GRRRRRR
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