Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Think Time

I am not very good at putting everything aside and just being. I never have been. That's why, I figure, I've never been a terribly good thinker. No practice. I'm always ready to make a snap decision on most everything and that's always been a fine way to be for me.

But now, for an hour every day, I have think time. While I swim. I do listen to music but it's mainly the same stuff over and over again so it does not take thinking. Sometimes I listen to podcasts but usually only for about 20 minutes or so of the hour. The rest of the time or the whole time, I think.

I remember stuff. I create stuff. I solve stuff. Some days I don't do much and some days I'm on fire. Today was mostly sewing. How the Project Runway people put together projects as opposed to how I do it. What projects would be fun to conquer? I do want a new bag. I have a million of them but making my own would enable me to make the exact perfect one for me. How would I do that?

What have I got for dinner? Do I need anything else? I could stop at Trader Joes (just across the street from the gym) and still make it home avoiding traffic. Lettuce. Oh and potato chips. Oh and a potato.

Would I put a zipper in that bag? Or not? Make my own straps or buy them? Shoulder or cross body?

Do I have enough eggs?

Oh I've been at this for an hour... Let's do 10 more minutes and wrap it up.

It really is a lovely way to spend an hour.

All the gates at the baseball stadium had rapidly growing lines. Already at 9:30. The Taylor Swift people were laying low yet but I just went down to the garage and came back on the elevator with a guy who reported that now (11:30) the lines where growing there, too.

I at the other egg muffin and have 4 more in the oven. The dishes are clean and put away and the kitchen is clean. Nice.
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