Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

loose ends

I spent the majority of my time since my swim this morning helping out my brother. Working on his web pages, editing copy for newspapers. Little stuff that I really enjoy. I like using my skills and I like helping him out. He's in Chicago at a seminar.

My swim was great but weird. Yesterday, the pool was as crowded as I have ever seen it. There were 2 lap swimmers in every lane. Today, for the entire 75 minutes of my swim, I was the only one in the pool. Same time of day. Usually Tuesdays and Thursdays are the least populated days. Weird. Finally, as I was getting out another swimmer was getting in.

The traffic getting home from the pool was the worst I'd seen at 10:30 in the morning.

Since then, this and that. I bought a new sewing machine. I looked at them at JoAnn's and liked the idea but not the offerings. So today I did some research and ended up with a nice Singer. On special for $139. (Down from $175.) and I bought it. It will be here Sunday. I think I'll put my old Brother on the free shelf. It will make someone happy.

I'm trying some breakfast quiche muffins again. I'm trying out a simple recipe. I did two muffins. Baked 'em and put 'em in the fridge. I'll nuke one tomorrow morning and see. I recently got some silicone muffin cups. I can bake them in my micro/oven which does not heat up the room and cooks was faster than the big oven.

Fingers are crossed.

I just got back from a little walk and see they are batting down the hatches for the Taylor Swift Concert at Century Link Field tomorrow. A gynormous farm of portapotties have been set up around the parking lot and breezeways of the stadium. A huge entourage of giant semi's brought in her necessities. Tomorrow afternoon should be interesting.

I think maybe I'll go take the trash down before I settle in for the rest of the afternoon and evening. The baseball game starts at 7 and I still need to finish off the rest of the first episode of Project Runway.
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