Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Other day, another swim and really not much more planned than that.

I have gotten way better about my 20 minutes of walking every day. Long about mid-afternoon, if it's not way sunshiny hot, I hit the streets. I rarely go longer than 20 minutes but I do try to do at least that. It does amaze me that 1. I don't hate it as much as I did and 2. It's totally working. This time last year, I didn't walk anywhere because I couldn't. I couldn't get more than about 100 yards without having to stop and catch my breath. I can't run and more than a handful of stairs are still a problem but otherwise, I rarely have to stop and catch my breath at all. Very cool.

Project Runway is back. I'm really kind of tired of it but I still never miss an episode. This time I'm way more focused on the garment production. I do fast forward through the gratuitous drama.

I've been awake now for more than 2 hours. Gotten coffee, listened to the news, internetted and had not seen hide nor hair of Zoey. She's usually up and begging for breakfast or trying to snuggle in or get on my keyboard but, today, nothing. I just now went looking for her. She sacked out on the fish bed and gave me a look like 'what the hell??? I was sleeping!'. I gave her a pet. She rolled over and then went back to sleep. What a weird cat. Oh I just heard her bell. I guess she's starting her day.

Guess I'll go swim.
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