Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today may be a shopping day. JoAnn's is having a sale. And there's one over near a furniture shop I've wanted to wander through. This is in Ballard, a neighborhood north of downtown. There's an LA Fitness there so I could do my swim there but I think I'll go back to my regular place south of here. But, there's a traffic bottleneck and leaving here for Ballard much before 10:00 would not be smart. So, West Seattle first. Plus I'm curious to see if they fixed the pool temperature. I'm going to take a second suit and if the pool is too hot, I'm going to get out, dry off and go to the Ballard pool and just join the traffic.

Oh I just realized I could call and ask if the pool was fixed. I did and the guy I talked to was really nice but didn't know shit. But, the pool is open so probably it's fixed. He did say that there was no note in my account that I had reported it. Sooo note to me. Next time I have an issue, be sure and have them put it in my account. On the up side, he checked my account by the caller id instead of asking me a bunch of questions. The staff checks the pool chemicals but otherwise, best I can tell, never even looks to see what's going on in there. Maybe they check before closing to clean up any drowned bodies...

I left the air conditioner off last night and it was plenty cool enough to sleep. Nice. Just now (7:30) it feels too hot here in the bedroom so I may turn it on before I go swimming to cool down the place so I can have the door open again tonight. Of course, having a hot furry cat snuggling in my lap is probably fighting any cool.

Sorry, Zoey, but it's time to get up and get going.
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