Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I don't want to forget this

For nearly all of today, it was cool and breezy enough to turn off the air conditioner and just user the fan. The temperature in here is still way hotter than outside but, it feels ok. Actually, no, it feels wonderful to have the door open and the room quiet. Just the break my soul needed.

I took myself to a barbecue place for dinner. It's not far from here. I went the first week they were open and thought the food was amazing but then, for some reason, never went back. Until tonight. The barbecue meat (I had ribs) was totally underwhelming. Barbecue is very regional and very personal and this was not my region or my person. BUT... their potato salad and coleslaw were amazing! And they had hush puppies and pecan pie on the menu. I got both of those to go - plus I brought home the leftover coleslaw and potato salad. The pecan pie was a fail. But, I tasted a hush puppy and they got that right. So... all in all not a bad treat. I will be going back for more coleslaw and potato salad and maybe hush puppies - you can find all of those here in Seattle but none even close to as good as this.

My brother called while I was eating. We made a date to talk when I was done so I called him from the parking lot. He's in Chicago at a seminar so in a bar. We had a really nice chat. About his business, his plans and ideas. I love his using me as a sounding board. I got so into it that I totally forgot to ask about his wife which I always do and it's just not nice of me. I'm sur ehe understand but I'm also sure he'd appreciate my asking.

The Mariners fucked up their game in extra innings this afternoon. No baseball tonight and tomorrow is a day off or as we Mariner fans like to call it 'a game not lost'.

I'm going to pig out on some junk TV before I take to my latest (really good) book.
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