Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cake hooked

Yesterday, I kept sending out emails looking for a cake baker/deliverer in Texas.  My brother is rebooting his business from a franchisee to his own small business and, as it happens, on his birthday. They will be closed to deliniate the two business and are having a day long drop in party instead.  I wanted to provide a surprise cake.

I think I eventually sent out 6 queries. Finally, I remembered that I had my brother's niece's email. She now lives in Austin but can keep a secret. She suggested one I had already written to and another one. I sent an inquiry to the other one and BINGO!!

I not only got a response but I got a yes - can bake, decorate and deliver on Wednesday! Plus, her note was thoughtful with all the right questions. We swapped more emails with details. She sent, I paid the invoice and we are set. Yeah!!! A chocolate cake with white and purple(logo colors) icing with a message will be delivered.

I did get a note this morning from another of the bakeries. This note was not at all interesting. I'm sure glad she didn't answer sooner. I would have probably grabbed her in a panic. Also her quote was twice as much which wasn't a deciding factor but twice??

So... done and done good. Yeah!

Today I can leave for the pool a little early because I need to make a grocery stop and avoid traffic. And I need to get gas but I keep forgetting. The baseball game is an afternoon one.

I need to get back on my sewing project but it's just too hot back in the sewing area. Our temperatures outside are getting more reasonable so maybe by tomorrow...  This weekend our high's are forecast  to be only in the low 70's for a couple of days in a row! And yesterday I read a blog post by a weather guy from the university who says August is going to be far less hot than June and July. I so hope he is right.
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