Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I slept last night without waking up until 4:15. Usually, I'm up to pee at least a couple of times between 10 and 6 am. Slept hard and enjoyed it enormously.

Today's swim had to be timed so that I'd be done, showered, dressed and back across the bridge by 10-10:15 to delivery the bears. Nailed it and still got in about an hour and 10 minutes of lap time. Nice.

I did forget to get gas. Hauling my ass over the bridge to West Seattle every day is wrecking havoc with my gas bill. Actually it's not so bad. It was just non existent and now I'm using some. I just now have 12,000 miles on the car since August of 2011. These days I'm having to get more gas nearly every month instead of every quarter. So maybe not a tragedy.

And really not a tragedy is my hand. It's looking like the Sharpie is going to last longer than the bruise!! Plus, I still have no new spots on my other hand or either arm. This is just amazing. Dr. Lung suspected the steroids in the Advair. Cutting them in half appears to have proven his theory. I'm going to have to drop him a giant email thank you note.

8 am 10 am 2 pm Day 2 Day 3

My brother's birthday is next Wednesday AND that also marks the start of his new company. He's having a little party - the staff and some customers and I want to have a cake delivered. This is something I should have thought of ages ago and did not. Now I have a week to find someplace in Georgetown, TX that will bake, decorate and deliver a cake in a week. And I want it to be a surprise so my main Georgetown resources are not at all available to me.

He recently found this great graphic designer who does her design work outside of her day job (IT for a non profit) so I sent her an email asking. Turns out she lives in Austin which is like another galaxy for something like this so ... now it's me and google. I sent out one email to a likely suspect. I may need to double down and send out multiple requests.

It's another not horribly hot day. The bear delivery place is a large building of storage areas. While I waited for Jeanne to come down from her space, I was standing in the shade and there was this marvelous breeze. It was just perfectly pleasant. And, judging from a map of the country, it's one of the few places in this country that is not Africa hot, on fire, or drowning in flooding rains. I'm grateful.
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