Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Happy feet

A couple of years ago I donated all my crocs to Goodwill. I kept one pair - they are my car shoes. Last week when my new shoes turned on my foot tendinitis, I dug my car shoes out so that I would not have to walk around barefoot until I got home. They felt great. I wore them exclusively for several days to make sure. Then I ordered a new pair and put the car shoes back in the car. The news ones arrived today but they seriously needed decoration.

My button hoarding has long been a bit of an issue. I have thought many times that I should donate the buttons to the Goodwill but I just can't let them go. Today that all paid off. These suckers tickle me no end!

I was wrong about the heat. I even extended my walk tot he post office because it was so nice out. It's a little more humid than we get and than I like but there was a lovely breeze and my air conditioner is still on but not having to work nearly as hard as it has recently.

I spent a good bit of the afternoon in a battle with Word Press. The guy who built my brother's website took some short cuts that took me a while to unravel. One of them I couldn't even figure out and had to have one of my brother's techs find it. And he allowed as how it wasn't easy. But, done. And looking fine.

The Homeowners Meeting starts in a bit. Lips zipped. Lips Zipped. Lips Zipped. Ok, I'm ready.
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