Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It's still hot but not fry-your-brains hot. I purposefully delayed my trip to the pool to test out the traffic sitch. Looks like as long as I don't try to come back to my house before 10, I'm cool. I can swim earlier and just stay on that side of the bridge and grocery shop or run other errands as long as I don't try to navigate the roads home before 10. Good to know.

My bruise is showing remarkable progress. The indelible turns out to be only partially indelible with swimming and dishwashing... But, the bruise itself is way faded compared to the bruises I used to get. Wild.

8 am 10 am 2 pm Day 2

I called Chase this morning to see if they could see a charge from Staples I that cannot. They can't either. Staples says they charged my credit card $120. My credit card says Oh no they din't. Interesting... I forgot to ask about their update calendar. My card expires on 9/15 and already I'm getting whiny emails from places saying my card's going to expire and they need a new date. What a PIA.

I need to hike on over to the post office and I think maybe I'll pick up a sandwich for lunch on my way back. The Home Owners Association meeting is tonight at 6 and the baseball game is tonight at 5.

I also need to line up the bears and shoot 'em and then bag 'em for tomorrow's delivery.

Such a busy day! ha!
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