Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Tracking the ugly...

When I tossed the box into the dumpster, the lid landed on my hand and I got another senile purpura bruise. But, the lid really landed hard and in the olden days (a month ago), it would have resulted in a raised, really deep purple which this did not. Also it would take a good 4 weeks to clear up.

I've never tracked one of these before mainly because I had so many all the time. One on top of another. But, now I have one and I'm going to give it a good watch.

Here's what it looked like 5 minutes after the lid landed:

When I got home from my swim, I outlined it so I could watch better (can't make it any uglier... now it nearly looks tatoo-ish!! This was taken 2.5 hours after the lid landed:

So exciting!!

My Amazon music/video/kindle credits were coming due so I burned them off with the movie I saw last night and two albums. One was Shane McAnally's only album. And the other was Jason Isbell's latest. I put them both on the iPod Shuffle and together they made an exceptional swim set.

Oh and someone left a very nearly full bag of my favorite bear stuffing on the free shelf! Enough for 2 or 3 bears. I love that free shelf.

I'm home now and breakfasted and ready for the ballgame.
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