Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I dreamed about puppies and kittens and keeping them corralled. They were so wriggly and cute. Could be that it was because Zoey came into the bed last night about 3 am and snuggled in so that I was spooning her. So sweet.

I iced my foot religiously yesterday and this morning I am rewarded with a foot that I can flex and circle and move and touch any way I want pain free!

Yesterday I changed the sheets on the bed (putting my hands and arms next to hard edges as I maneuvered the sheets into place. And I broke down a bunch of cardboard boxes and wrangled them down to the dumpsters. These activities normally would have resulted in purple blood bruises on my hands and arms. But, today, none. My forearm hit the edge of a cabinet and there's a very small spot there but that's it. It's amazing to see both hands with nothing but normal skin color on them. Wow.

Today will be swim and then home for air conditioning and brunch and baseball and other stuff that can be done in the cool of the living room.

I watched a nice little movie last night - 5 Floors Up. It was one of those that, at the end I thought, meh. And then I kept thinking about it and kept thinking about it and pretty soon I realized that it was really way more than meh.

The book I'm listening too, I think is the same kind of deal - The New Neighbor by Leah Stewart. It's growing on me maybe because the voice of the book is an old lady like me. The movie was about old people, too.

I'm fascinated by how old people think. Do they feel like old people or do they feel like young adults in the wrong body? I think that the perception of old people is at war with how the old people themselves feel a lot of the time.
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