Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning when getting my coffee, I hit the back of my hand on the bottom of a cabinet. Out of habit, I looked to see how big the blood bruise would be. It starts small but within seconds, it starts to grow. Only this morning, I looked and nothing. Seriously, nothing. Now, 10 minutes later, still nothing!!! This is pretty freakin huge. I hope it keeps up. Hope, hope, hope.

I never connected it with the Advair and have no memory of when it got bad but it could have been around the same time I started on the Advair. My Mom used to get the same ugly spots on her hands. She was on the same Advair. Wow.

On the other end, khemlab noted that my foot problems were likely not a muscle or gout but a tendon. And that led me to consult Dr. Internets and bam! Yes, foot tendinitis. Everything fits. It's like the tennis elbow I had years ago but in my foot. Very very helpful to know. Helpful for making it better and setting my expectations. Dr. Internets says that of the handful of causes are flat feet, ill fitting shoes and old age. Yep yep and yep. Ok, so ice and ibuprofen it is.

Medicare became law while I was in college. I was oblivious at the time. I'm sure grateful now. I don't remember it's inceptions but I do remember a few years later when Medicare overpaid some bill of my grandfather's and he spent his remaining few years trying to pay it back. Unsuccessfully. He said the whole system was just a failure. I don't remember the amount but it was probably about $20.

This morning, I want to get to the pool when it opens at 8. Weekends are hard to predict - people wise. But, if I get there at 8, I know I'll get a lane or part of one anyway. And there's no traffic to worry about. Plus there's the get out and back before it gets too hot thing. I have a short list of a few errands to do on the way home.

I am not a lover of the out of doors. I love indoor things. I love indoor plumbing and temperature regulation and insect free environments. I like having the fridge nearby and electricity and wifi. I don't mind being outside some when it's cool. I love being outside in snow for short bursts. But, in general, I don't really share the rest of the world's love of being outside. I hear how excited people get about camping out. I hear it, I just really don't get it. So being stuck inside all day with the air conditioner is no hardship for me!

Hopefully, most people will be swimming in the lakes and ponds and sound today and not in my lovely temperature controlled, mud free, clean and quiet pool!
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