Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nailing nails

My nail place is a tiny (3 mani stations, 3 pedi stations and a teeny waxing room) and not fancy (and not expensive). It is always busy. There are 3 women and I've never seen one not working full tilt. Today was no different. The woman on the left of me was 8 months pregnant and trying find a particular color - she had pictures on her phone. A woman in the waiting chairs popped up and said 'oh, can I see? I make polish.' ???

Turns out she does! Joy Lacquer. I told her I had never heard of anyone who made polish and she said that she had accumulated so many bottles she just figured she'd make her own. I was astounded. It would never occur to me to make my own nail polish. Wild.

Sadly she doesn't do gels and regular polish would last about half a swim on me.

My shorter nails feel so weird to type with. I hope I got them short enough. Guess we'll know in 3 weeks' time.

Just as I was getting finished up, a little old lady came waltzing in. She was apparently another regular (the make your own nail polish lady was a regular, too). The little old lady got to chatting with one of the pedicure people who learned via the owner that she was 90. "You're 90??!!" "NO! I'm 91!"

Cracked me up. She chatted away with everyone and sounded as if she had the mental acuity of someone half her age. Wild.

Fun times at the nail shop! I almost forgot to stop at Papa Murphy's. They don't open until 11 and my earlier swims have not made getting pizza handy. So yeah, it's Africa hot here today and I'll be heating up my oven. Happily it's so well insulated that it won't cause much of a problem and I really want pizza.

Turns out when I got there that they actually open at 10 AND their cheap pizza is even cheaper than the central district Papa Murphy's that closed down. $5.47 for enough pizza for me for at least 3 meals. Such... a... deal.
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