Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A better day...

Zoey is having kitty issues. She's cut back on her eating demands (she's still scarfing down the dry kibble) but not demanding wet food every time I move. But, she's meowing constantly and knocking everything off of everything that she can possibly find. Last night about 2:30 am she demanded my attention. I got up and put some wet food in her bowl and 20 minutes later she was back. I finally lifted the blanket and coaxed her in where she snuggled against me and we both slept until a bit after 6. It was nice.

This morning she has scratched the bejesus out of both my arms trying to get into my lap while I'm typing. I do not know what her deal is. But, clearly she's looking for something out of me she ain't gettin'.

My swim was back today... swam for what felt like 20 minutes but when I looked it had been 45. That's a good swim. I listened to some Moth story telling and hit on some really good ones.

I think the traffic I ran into coming home yesterday (and today) is normal going to work traffic. It seems to clear out but not before about 10. If I leave for the pool at 8, I still get caught up in it coming home. So... note to self: either plan activities on the other side of the bridge (nails, groceries, etc) or leave home later or deal with it. But, honestly, sitting in traffic in the bright, hot sun, kind of harshes any mellow gotten during a swim.

Tomorrow I have a nail appointment at 10:30 ad Friday I need to deliver bears so I'll need to swim plan accordingly.

Today there is an afternoon Mariners game at home. So I'm home and home I'll stay. Plus, I have air conditioning and it's cool in here.

I was thinking while I was swimming that I spent a whole lot - most - of my life wondering how my life would turn out. Now I know. And I'm not at all disappointed. That's really a lovely lovely thing.
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