Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Jacket... Part 4 of ???

So... in the theme of the day, the jacket from the free blanket is now encased in a plastic bag ready for the dumpster.

I had no coughing today... until I went back to work on the jacket. The minute the fur started flying, I started coughing. I found a painters mask in the closet and wore it while I bagged up the culprit and vacuumed the whole area but good. The end. Lesson learned. Do not attempt to fuck with high pile fleece.

And, since it's Senior Discount Tuesday, I went on over to the fabric store and found some low pile nice lime green fleece and we will start again.

Also in keeping with the day, I told the lady as I paid that I was a senior and she said 'great! discount!. When I got home, I realized that her enthusiasm did not extend to her finger tips. There's $2.30 I will never see again.
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