Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

They may be first world problems but they are still annoying as hell

As I got off the elevator last night to go to the board meeting, the board president was getting in to go up. 'no meeting?' 'oh, no, we changed it, it's next Monday' - So... that makes 3 mistakes in the elevator 'news' bulletin (out of 5 news items). Our building manager works hard, I think, to piss me off. At least he can claim success.

And so my dinner was fucked up.

And then this morning, I invested way more than I was comfortable doing in an Indiegogo campaign (which I swore I would never do again anyway) and out of the gate - in 3 hours - they did 2 things to make me regret spending the money at all.

My swim was a slog. Most days, I swim and swim and swim and when I think I've been at it about 20 mins or so, I look at the clock and see that it's closer to 45/50 minutes. Today, it was the opposite. Their are two clocks way high up on the walls at the end of the lanes so to see the time, you really have to stop and look up. Which is annoying. And forget timing laps - the clocks don't even have second hands.

As I was leaving the pool my phone said that the time to home was 7 minutes longer than usual. I didn't even ask. And, it turned out to be wrong anyway. It was closer to 15. With honking which always pisses me off.

Once shit starts to annoy men, there's just no stopping. I need to get over myself.

Maybe I'll get another BLT. Yesterday when I went out for a walk, I realized I was hungry and I went to Grand Central Bakery because I could get a half sandwich. Apparently they no longer do that. But they had a BLT special so I got that. And bought it home and it was Amazing. We do not ever get good tomatoes here. Our very best August tomatoes are equal to the tomatoes they get on the East Coast in January. But, somehow, even with crappy tomatoes, they managed to make a BLT that was killer.

So maybe I'll go back today and get another in hopes of chasing away the annoyanator.
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