Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Project interuptus - hack hack

Once in a while, when I finish my swim, I start coughing. Usually my inhaler stops it. If not, I'll add a benzonatate (pill). Today I thought the inhaler had done the work. And it did, until I sat down to sew on my jacket.

Fleece is fabulous. I love the stuff. I love that it's light weight. I love that it is an instant heater. I love that it comes in so many fabulous colors and is so soft and fluffy.

But, damn that stuff sheds. 4 seams and I was covered in fleece snow. And the cough came back. So I stopped. For now. Time to have a bit of a lung cleanse. And now, 5 mins away from the snow storm and already it's better. I think I'll give it a couple of hours.

The sun is out and the heat is coming but it's still somewhat cool out. I think I may go take a little walk around the neighborhood to help with the lung clearing. It will likely be too hot after today anyway.

I like my LA Fitness facility but the staff is kind of weird. One of the first things that hit me, and hit me every time I went (even though it wasn't that many times) to the one in Ballard was how gracious and fun the staff was. When you walked in the door they acted like you made their day by just showing up.

At LA Fitness, the staff is robotic. At Ballard, the sign in beeper was out and you just beeped yourself in. In West Seattle, they don't keep it out on the counter. You are forced to interact with the robots. They never smile until you look them in the eye and then it's like their brain gets the 'must smile at customer' signal and they give you a painted on version. No chit chat. No welcome back. Once in a great while, you get an insincere 'have a nice day' when you leave.

This weekend I looked it up on Yelp to see if others talked about their experiences and wow. Turns out they aren't even getting the fake smile! Most of the reviews are there to bitch about the staff.

BUT... there's one guy. This morning, I walked in and he was at the front desk and I got the widest, biggest, most wonderful smile and he said 'uh oh! if you are here, it means I'm late in cleaning the pool!!!!' It's the first time anyone has ever given me any indication they even remembered me. I've been going there nearly every single day - at about the same time - for 6 weeks.

When I left today, he asked me about my swim and said he'd see me tomorrow. He needs to teach a class to the rest of the staff.

Ok time to walk. Oh crap. Stocks fell again. Maybe I'd better work on my resume.
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