Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Yesterday was such a lovely day. The weather was cool and cloudy and we even got actual rain, enough to make puddles. And the Mariners won an already interesting and good game, in extra innings with a home run by a guy who has worked so hard to make it back on the team. Storybook. I got stuff done and it was just good.

Today starts a warming trend. Five more weeks. Probably more but I always feel like if I can get through August... and, so far, I have.

My brother's business gets a major reboot on August 12. He's up to his ears in prep and sending me words and pictures of press stuff, ad stuff, other stuff to review and second eye. It's so nice to be able to help.

Tonight is the monthly condo home owners meeting. I go to hear what's going on. I try hard to keep my mouth shut and my face blank. I'm a firm believer that a complainer is just so much ill wind unless said complainer is willing to be part of the solution and/or help get there. Working with other residents is not my cup of tea. I'm cool with helping out if I can do it on my own but otherwise, I'm not a good citizen so do not have the right to bitch. But I still like to hear. So I'll go and try hard to be ears only.

Otherwise swim and the Mariner game are the only other agenda items today. I think unless something happens to distract me, I'll get to work on my jacket.

I was on the way out of bed to get started until just now, Zoey snuggled into my lap. Sigh. Well, I guess I can spend some more time internetting.
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