Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I woke up at 4 am and could not find my phone. I always put it on the wireless charger and turn on a clock app so I can see what time it is when I wake up. Only it wasn't there. I asked one Echo and then the other where my phone was and neither replied (turns out Echo doesn't do that. I only thought it did. Finally I opened up the laptop and went to the device manager and had it ring my phone which turned out to be under my pillow. All of this at 4 am. Holy crap.

Then I went back to sleep until about 6:15.

I wanted to get to the pool as soon as they opened in case it was crowded. Made it and got in an excellent swim before more swimmers showed up. I really do enjoy being able to get up and have coffee and internet a little, then go to the pool when I'm ready... every single day. It's a lovely routine.

I stopped at Home Depot on the way home for new painter's tape. That stuff can get pricey! I got some but when I got come, I checked Amazon for low adhesion painter's tape and it's pricey there, too. Wild. I had no idea.

Anyway now I can finish making my pattern. And maybe get the jacket started. It's lovely and cool out so... finally... lovely and cool in - even in the end of the house farthest from the outside - the sewing area.

I worked on my sweater last night. I'm happy with my progress. Making that date plan was the key to getting it done. Next milestone is getting the shoulders done to the neck by August 15 and finishing the collar so all but the sleeves by August 30. Doable without cutting too much into the bear production.

Time now to clean up the kitchen, take down the trash and get my suit that I left in the car. Ballgame is at 1.
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