Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Jacket... Part 1 of ???

Years and years ago, I copied pants and blouses and dresses by taking them apart and using their pieces as patterns. It sucked as a method and also meant I lost the original. I rarely did it for my own clothes only for clients who were willing to give up their favorites to get copies.

But now we have google. I researched a bunch of different ways to make a pattern from clothes that you did not want to destroy and found one that does not work great for fleece but works plenty good enough.

Using painters and masking tape, I made a taped version of the pattern piece right on the jacket. (Picture of me taking picture is tossed in for free here.)

Then I carefully removed the tape in one piece and placed it on the pellon.

Then I traced around it, added extra for seam allowance, marked instructions and BAM! I have a pattern piece!

I'm really quite tickled with the process and the product. There really are only 3 pieces to make for this simple jacket since I am going to make a different collar and different pockets. I need a front piece and a sleeve piece (I'll cut two of each but only need one pattern piece).


1. I needed to have used heavier pellon.
2. I needed to have used higher quality (not as sticky) painters tape.
3. I needed to have overlapped the tape way more for better removal.
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