Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Home and not leaving (at least in the car)

There is a corporate picnic going on at the football stadium. I think it's Amazon. They had their adult event - Macklemore, etc on Thursday night. So, this is probably their family version and it's well attended. Plus, the Canucks are queuing up at Safeco for the 1 pm baseball game.

So, between the two, getting home from the pool at 10 am was tricky. But knowing short cuts and a few tricks enabled me to safely land in my garage before the ice cream melted.

I had a great swim. No Ted talks, just music today. I designed the collar of my new jacket. I figured out how to make it lie flat, or hug my neck or just surround it. I'm delighted with my idea. I may get started on making the pattern today. Someone left a good sized fleece blanket on the free shelf in the garage yesterday. It will make perfect practice fabric!

The pool got kind of packed this morning. At one point there were six people swimming in the 3 lanes. When I got out and to the dressing room another swimmer was coming in. Not to self: don't dally on weekends. Get there at 8 to make sure you get a lane.

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home. Being able to easily and conveniently pop into a full grocery or Trader Joe's every day 7 days a week has never happened to me before and it's not only great but it's also saving me a ton o' money. I no longer buy food I think I might want/need. I buy what I can use for sure and/or eat today. This has kept my grocery tally down and my kitchen way more organized. What a luxury it is to have a pool and two big groceries plus Trader Joe's all right there together.

Today will be game watching and jacket pattern making and probably some knitting.

It is wonderfully cool out and they are promising rain. It is not nearly as cool in here. I tried turning off the air conditioner and opening up the door and it was too hot to stand after a half hour. I may try again and prop open the hallway door in hopes for some cross breeze.
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