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I read and think about bigger issues a lot but what I take away from a lot of it is thankgod I won't be alive to have to deal with what will happen. Not having to plan for the future of my own children helps. I think maybe if I had answers or solutions, I'd be more invested. But, I don't. I'm grateful to live in a world and a country and a city where I can have the kind of life I enjoy every day.

And grateful for the leisure to focus on the minutia on my very own self like:

My new 13 inch tablet is in the truck for delivery. It's such an unknown. No reviews. No discussion. I can't even find out much about the company. Pig on a poke. I can't wait.

My fingernails are too long. I don't mind that they look long, I'm ok with that but, they are getting in the way. My next manicure is not until next Thursday. I am going to get her to really hack them back.

I got all of the laundry done and put away yesterday. And I rearranged the closet so that when Zoey wants to nap in there, she isn't 'sharing' her fur with my t-shirts.

I got 160 coffee k-cups from Amazon a month ago. I put a month's worth in the drawer I use daily and put the rest away to get for later. This morning I went to get some more and the place where I thought they were was empty. What the fuck did I do with them??? They were not anywhere in the kitchen. Crap. I was just getting ready to start a grid search of the condo when I checked one more place - a bedroom closet and found them!

On the up side, I have successfully pared down so much shit that I now have way many more places to store shit like this. I have way more to go but I'm making progress. My goal is empty drawers - more storage than stuff. I've always thought that was a luxury.

Nothing on the agenda today. The Mariners are playing Toronto down the street tonight. Toronto games are always sellouts or near sellouts. Canadians flood down from Vancouver for their baseball fix. Plus, since so many are here from out of town, the neighborhood fills up early and hangs round after. Between that and regular summer Friday traffic, whatever I want to do in the car needs to be done before noon today. Easy to handle.

It's supposed to be very cool through Sunday and maybe even some rain. Heaven. I will absolutely do some walking this afternoon... but, first, swim.
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