Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The answer, doh!

I have this great box jacket made out of black fleece. It's perfect. Perfect fit. Perfect style. Can look dressy (honest) or not depending on what's beneath it. It's lose enough to wear a sweater under and looks fine without one. I've had it for many years and have no clue where I got it. The internets can't even find anything close in any size.

But... doh! it's fleece. The easiest thing in the world to sew. And it's a box. No shape at all. I can make a pattern and make it short (for bed) or long for street or medium for sitting in front of the TV. It has a peter pan color but I can replace that with a button turtle neck and add fingerless gloves to the sleeves. Or not.

I haven't made a pattern from a garment in about a hundred years but about 3 clicks on Google led me to some great tips. I don't want to disassemble the jacket and won't have to at all. Sooooo cool. I just made a quick trip to the fabric shop down the road for some pelum to make the pattern out of. I'm jacked.

I had the oddest experience this morning that I can't really get out of my mind so maybe if I write it out I can let it go. An LJ person I friended not too long ago with one of the friendzies got dumped by her lover this morning and left two very cryptic journal entries about it this morning. I don't really read her journal very often. But, this morning I was catching up on seldom reads and saw the entries. It didn't occur to me to leave a comment and wouldn't know what to say anyway. I don't really even know if she was sad or mad or what by the dumping. I don't know if the guy was her boyfriend, husband or what. She writes about two different guys that it sound like she might live with but she uses nom de plumes so I don't know for sure.

Anyway, best I can tell, she was very hurt and brought her hurt to me. She said "I know you take pride in not commenting on other folks' journals, but wow. Goodbye."

This was a comment to an entry in my journal about my cat and my plans for the day (since deleted). No context whatsoever. And, she 'unfriended' me.

I keep trying to figure out if there is more than meets the eye or if she really was pissed I hadn't left a comment about her being dumped. For the record, I leave comments in journals fairly frequently. I've even commented in her journal when I thought I had something meaningful to offer.

It's puzzling but it's done and, yep, I think this has taken it off my brain. Now I just need for LiveJournal to get done maintenancing so I can post.

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